1) The International Fitness Sanctioning Body (IFSB) is a subsidiary of Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., a California corporation, P.O. Box 2490, White City, Oregon 97503, phone (541) 830-0400.

2) Members of the Board of Directors are appointed by Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. and serve on a voluntary basis.

3) The headquarters of the IFSB are located in the offices of Wally Boyko Productions, Inc.

4) These rules and regulations have been approved by the Board of Directors and are in full force and effect.

5) The authority for interpreting and enforcing these rules and regulations shall reside in the Chairman of the Board in cooperation with the Board of Directors. The Chairman of the Board’s decisions shall be deemed final.

6) The official language of the IFSB is English. All publications and correspondence to and of the IFSB shall be in English. IFSB Representatives may translate such publications or correspondence into their native language for the benefit of their sanctioned promoters, judges, individual members, etc. All Board of Directors, committee, and approved IFSB meetings will be conducted in English. Board members, IFSB Representatives, sanctioned promoters, individual members, and their representatives may speak their native language but they must provide their own translator for the benefit of the IFSB. In international competition, individual members may use their native language without an interpreter.


1) To promote, govern, and coordinate Ms Fitness® and Miss Fitness™ competitions.

2) To regulate judging criteria and production format for all Ms Fitness and Miss Fitness™ competitions.

3) To administer disciplinary action against sanctioned promoters and individual members who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the IFSB.


1) Sanctioned promoters must become familiar with and comply with the rules and regulations of the IFSB.

2) Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the sanction, or failure to enforce the rules and regulations of the IFSB will cause immediate and direct withdrawal of the sanction.

3) Applications to sanction a Ms Fitness and/or Miss Fitness competition must be accompanied with the required prize money. If the sanction is not granted the prize money will be returned to the applicant. If the sanction is granted the prize money becomes non-refundable.

4) Sanctioned promoters shall be responsible for all expenses and financial risks connected with the proper conduct of their Ms Fitness and/or Miss Fitness competition.

5) The sanctioned promoter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the IFSB, Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., their designee which may record the event, their Boards of Directors, their Representatives, officers, agents, employees, sponsors, co-sponsors, officials and sub-contractors from any and all claims or rights for injuries or damages suffered by anyone including financial liability incurred by the sanctioned promoter in holding a sanctioned event.

6) The sanctioned promoter shall obtain, at their own expense, public liability insurance, insuring itself, the IFSB, Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., and designated Representative against loss or expense resulting from personal injury or property damage for their sanctioned contest. Said insurance shall be with companies and in such form as may be acceptable to the IFSB or their designated Representative. Certification of insurance evidencing the required insurance coverage must be provided to the IFSB or their designated Representative no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event.

7) The sanctioned promoter must take safety precautions to protect the personal welfare of the competitors and the spectators.

8) The sanctioned promoter must provide a private dressing area for the competitors.

9) All competitors must hold a current membership with the IFSB.

10) Members of the sanctioned promoter’s family may not compete in the sanctioned promoter’s Ms Fitness and/or Miss Fitness competition. If a family member wishes to compete they must enter a Ms Fitness and/or Miss Fitness competition not associated with the sanctioned promoter.

11) All advertising or promotional material for a sanctioned competition must be approved by the IFSB or their designated Representative prior to printing. All advertising or promotional material must state that the competition is sanctioned by the IFSB.

12) The IFSB’s main sponsor must be accorded center stage for their banner at all competitions.

13) Funds may be solicited by the sanctioned promoters by means of additional sponsors or co-sponsors for their sanctioned competition.

14) The sanctioned promoter must assume the expense of travel, lodging, breakfast, and dinner for two (2) days for two (2) IFSB representatives and any required professional fees for a local or state competition. For a regional competition the number will be five (5) nights for six (6) IFSB representatives; and for an international event the number will be seven (7) nights for eight (8) IFSB representatives.

15) A tabulator must be provided to tally scores for any competition with more than twelve (12) competitors.

16) If the IFSB or its authorized designee elects to record the sanctioned competition, it is essential that the IFSB or its designee acquire the rights to use all names, logos, emblems, designs, artwork, and other elements associated with the competition, and the names, likenesses, voices, biographies, and performances, including all music performed in connection therewith, of all hosts, contestants and other persons who appear recognizably in the event, in connection with the production, distribution, exhibition, advertising and other exploitation of the recordings made by the IFSB or its designee in all media and throughout the universe, forever. Accordingly, the sanctioned promoter shall cooperate fully with the IFSB or its designee and comply with all clearance procedures and guidelines established by the IFSB or its designee for the event. Without limiting the foregoing, the sanctioned promoter shall, at no cost to the IFSB or its designee:
a) obtain and deliver to the IFSB, or its designee written releases, in approved format, from each person who appears recognizably in the event;
b) use best efforts to prevent any person or element from appearing in the event unless the depiction of such person or element has been fully cleared; and
c) use best efforts to assist the IFSB or its designee in obtaining any appropriate consents or releases of, or licenses from, third parties regarding the use of materials which the IFSB or its designee desires to record.


1) The IFSB has the exclusive right to negotiate all contracts for all broadcast, video, production, and ancillary rights to the Ms Fitness and/or Miss Fitness competitions. IFSB Representatives or sanctioned promoters who are offered broadcast, video, production, or ancillary contracts must work with the IFSB/Wally Boyko Productions, Inc. designee or refer the companies or individuals making the offers to Wally Boyko Productions, Inc., P.O. Box 2490, White City, Oregon 97503-0490 , phone 1 (541) 830-0400.





a) Wearing swimsuits and high heels, contestants enter individually from offstage, go to center front stage, do a model turn, then join the line-up being built across the stage. As contestants appear, introduce them by number, name, and any other information from their biography sheets you choose to use.

b) Once the line-up is completed turn the competitors over to the head judge. The head judge will then direct the competitors through quarter turns and comparisons for the benefit of the judges.

c) When the judges have completed their evaluations the contestants will leave the stage to change into evening wear.


a) The competitors are brought out in a fill line-up. Each competitor will then be will be brought up to the microphone individually, introduce themselves, give a brief biography and their philosophy on fitness. Each will then do a model turn and return to the line-up. When the judges have indicated that they are finished the competitors may leave the stage.

(NOTE: All tallying of scores is to be completed after prejudging to expedite the tallying of the final score for the evening show. Although the competitors will make an appearance in swimwear and evening attire during the evening show for the benefit of the audience, no additional scoring will be done for these two rounds.)


This round is NOT judged during prejudging. However, it is strongly recommended to allow the competitors a practice run on the stage before the evening show.


1) OPENING THE SHOW (Welcome by M.C., opening entertainment, if any, etc.)


Wearing swimsuits and high heels, competitors appear individually on stage, go to center front stage and execute a slow model turn. While she is on stage the M.C. will read a brief biography about the competitor. As each competitor leaves the stage, she immediately begins preparing for the routine round. By the time the last competitors has finished her physique presentation, competitor number 1 should be ready to present her routine.


Wearing fitness costume, the contestants will appear one at a time and present their 90 second fitness routine, then leave the stage. As each competitor leaves the stage, she immediately begins preparing for the evening gown round.

(NOTE: It is extremely beneficial to have a runner between your judges and your tallying person. This allows for the final score to be calculated quickly so you are ready to present awards immediately following the speeches.)


Wearing evening gowns, competitors appear individually on stage, go to center front stage, give their prepared speech, execute a model turn, then leave the stage.


Welcome all competitors back on stage in a full line-up in evening gown. Present awards in ascending order (4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st).


1) All individual members who compete in a Ms Fitness and/or Miss Fitness competition must be at least 18 years old and be current members in good standing of the IFSB.

2) All individual members must adhere to all rules and regulations of the IFSB.

3) Any individual member who wishes to have their person, name, likeness, voice, routine, or other Ms/Miss Fitness characteristic used for publicity or advertising must receive prior approval from the IFSB or their designated IFSB Representative. Unauthorized publicity or advertising may result in the individual member being suspended and stripped of her Ms/Miss Fitness titles.

4) Any professional member who competes in, an amateur competition will be suspended and stripped of her Ms/Miss Fitness titles. The term “fitness competition” specifically does not include bodybuilding, aerobics, gymnastics or any other sport recognized by the IFSB.

5) The IFSB has the exclusive and final authority to establish the criteria of eligibility for individual members to compete in any IFSB sanctioned competition.

6) All individual members will accept the decisions of the judges in the spirit of good sportsmanship, realizing that those decisions were made as honestly and objectively as possible.

7) Any individual member found giving false information knowingly to the IFSB on application forms, biography sheets, or any other documents will be suspended. If a competitor prefers to use a stage name rather than their legal name, they must fill out all documents with their legal name and note on their biography sheet the stage name to be used.

8) In competition, clothing must cover all critical body parts. No objects may be attached to the body as replacement for clothing. The top of the attire must cover the entire breast area. The bottom front of the attire must cover you from hip bone to hip bone (iliac crest). The bottom back of the attire must cover at least three-quarters of your buttocks. There must not be any elastic in the center back seam. The separation of the buttocks must never be exposed. If a bottom smaller than this is worn, solid tights, shorts or other opaque clothing must be worn under it. Lace, fishnet or flesh-tone tights are not acceptable coverage. There is a one point per judge per section penalty for clothing violations. For example, if there were four judges and a competitor’s routine outfit did not meet regulations, that competitor would be penalized a total of eight points for that round If swimsuits or other clothing are issued to the competitors, such clothing may be altered for fit (size) only; no alterations which affect style or coverage may be made even if there is more coverage than specified above.

9) No oil of any type (including “dry” oils) may be used at any time. This is to insure the safety of all of our competitors. Oil always manages to find its way to the flooring. This is a dangerous situation in high heeled shoes and during the routine round.

10) The IFSB strives to be honest, forthright, and fair to all of our members. If there is ever a problem please work with us to find a solution.



This round is designed to give the judges the opportunity to get a general impression of the contestants. The contestants will introduce themselves, give a brief biography, and their philosophy on fitness. There is a time limit of 60 seconds at the microphone.
a) Beauty. Is she attractive?
b) General impression of the contestants overall grooming and cosmetic appearance.
c) Is she confident and comfortable with an audience?
d) Does she speak well, clearly and distinctly?
e) Does she have a fluid, graceful walk and an erect but relaxed posture?

Contestants will be judged on overall symmetry and muscle definition. Contestants should have good to excellent muscle tone with clean, tight lines and appear to have reasonable levels of body fat. We do not want the muscle mass, ripped to the bone, striated look, or vascularity of a bodybuilder. Contestants should appear to have constructed their physiques through proper diet and fitness training.
(NOTE: Competitor’s heels must be together at all times during quarter turns. They must not hold their arms in a rigid or exaggerated manner. Their hair must be styled in a manner that they do not have to move it aside to show their backs.)
a) Does the contestant have good to excellent muscle tone with clean, tight lines?
b) Does she appear to have reasonable levels of body fat?
c) If she has the mass or vascularity of a bodybuilder she should receive a low score.
d) Does her physique appear evenly developed?
e) Does the lean muscularity of the upper/lower body and extremities flow aesthetically when viewed from all sides creating a balanced, sculpted appearance?

Contestants will present a fitness routine for 90 seconds to music. They will emphasize their strength, flexibility, and endurance. The routines are meant to give the judges some idea of the contestants’ physical condition and abilities. It also gives the contestants the opportunity to express their creativity and interests. Contestants are encouraged to perform a high energy routine which include movements to show their strength and flexibility. They are also encouraged to include any talent they might have such as dance, martial arts, jumping rope, baton, gymnastics, mime, etc. Props may be used if essential to demonstrate a talent.
a) Did she demonstrate strength?
b) Flexibility?
c) Endurance?
d) Did she demonstrate high level execution of movements? Executions should appear effortless.
e) Did she include a diversity of routine elements?
f) Did her performance have clean, fluid transitions?
g) Did she demonstrate the ability to perform outward?
h) Did she project her personality and creativity?


(NOTE: There MUST be the same number of judges for each round.)
3) This is a consensus of opinion judging system. Each judge will issue each competitor two scores per round as indicated on the judging sheets. Each competitor will be judged on her own merit using the judging parameters laid out on the judging sheets.
4) All individual judges scores will be added together to arrive at a total score. High score wins.
c) If a tie should occur:
i) The competitor who scored highest in the majority of rounds (i.e. 2 out of 3) will prevail.
5) If a competitor’s clothing does not meet regulations, the competitor should be given the opportunity to find a suitable substitute, but not at the expense of holding up the competition. If she still cannot meet the criteria, a 2 point penalty per judge will be deducted from each round in which she is in violation.
6) If a competitor, for any reason, fails to appear for competition in any round, judges are to consider it a failed round and score it as such (0.0 points).
7) If a competitor does not complete her performance, for any reason, in any round, judges are to consider it a failed round.
8) A competitor may also be penalized for unbecoming conduct during any segment of competition, on or off stage, if that conduct is deemed disruptive to the competition or fellow competitors. The offender will be given notice once, than a warning. If unbecoming conduct continues a one point penalty will be deducted from that competitor’s score. Unbecoming conduct can be construed as poor behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct on stage or backstage, disregard for the safety of self or fellow competitors, poor behavior or attitude, disregard of direction from expediter, or directions given for proper performance by head judge.

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